Deborah Brakeley


Counsellor, Collaborative Divorce Coach, Child Specialist.

I’ve enjoyed my counselling work with children, adults, and families since 1983. I’ve worked at a medical clinic, family support organizations, and my West 8th office in private practice as a Registered Clinical Counsellor.

I view individual counselling as a holistic process that takes into account the mental, practical, emotional, relational, and spiritual aspects of life as well as each person’s capacity for strength, courage, transformation, love, peace, and well-being. I support each person as they expand their experience of truth, purpose, wholeness, resilience, optimism, compassion, and joy rather than isolation, depression, and anxiety.

I support couples in ways that deepen their experience of intimacy and closeness as well as commitment to a long-term fulfilling relationship. I help couples learn and practice effective communication and conflict resolution skills so that they experience closeness, respect, understanding, and growth.

As a Collaborative Divorce Coach, I provide emotional and practical support to couples considering separation. If separation takes place, I offer ongoing support to parents experiencing the changes and loss that take place during and after this transition. I help parents develop a comprehensive parenting plan, effective communication, and co-parenting skills. I support parents’ efforts to make life-enhancing decisions on behalf of their children and the family as a whole.

As a Child Specialist, I provide children with a voice in the Collaborative Divorce process and this includes sharing this information with their parents. I also provide counseling for children as they experience the emotions and changes associated with their parents’ separation and the re-structuring of the family.

I can meet with clients at my office in the South Granville area in Vancouver as well as set up phone and Skype counselling sessions.

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